What are the materials used for SMP?
The organic deposits  are a plant based formula.

Will SMP smudge or change color over the years?
The application method will not smudge,  however, any pigments applied to the scalp will eventually lighten over years, even though the materials I use maximizes the life of the pigment.  The wearing of sunscreen is important, since ultraviolet radiation from the sun or tanning beds breaks down the pigment if it’s not protected.

Is SMP painful? 
Pain tolerance depends person to person. Some people can take a constant poking of the scalp of a needle but some do not, and that is okay. Generally speaking most of our clients have compared the sensation to more of minor irritation than abject pain.  I personally, never rush treatments and encourage our clients to take frequent breaks throughout each session.

So basically this is a tattoo? 
No. The only similarity is that color is applied into your skin, so if you see ANY tattoo parlor or artist offering a similar service, run the other direction. SMP is a totally different technique practiced by trained SMP professionals using totally different pigments or “pig” using different techniques with different, state of the art equipment.  This is the question I’m asked most often, so here’s a quick breakdown.

How long are each treatment sessions?
It takes a minimum of 3 sessions to achieve a complete look. The first session is typically the longest as a majority of the surface area is having pigment deposited, you can expect about 2-5 hours.
The second session is when we start the shading and definition process where we build on the foundation of the first treatment. This can take about 2-4 hours.

The third session is an adjustment and enhancement of the second treatment.   During this step we evaluate how the ink has settled from the first two treatments and if it is the desired shade, and if not, we make the necessary adjustments to get it perfect. This is when we also look at details like what shading density is needed to create a natural hairline and seamless blend with your existing hairline.

What can you do about scars from hair transplant?
I can definitely camouflage all forms of scarring with SMP! I take into consideration that scars can stand-out on the head, but with SMP, we blend in the scars into the overall look.

Will people notice that I went through scalp micropigmentation?
 not one has said *that anyone knew they went through an SMP treatment.   *I believe this is really what separates the average practitioners from the great ones, and I always make sure that your treatment looks naturally realistic.

Does SMP work only if you have dark colored hair?
SMP can be used on all sorts of color to blend with the natural color of your head. I  have experience creating custom blends for other natural hair colors such as blonde, brown to red.

How will I look after a treatment?
Immediately after the first session you will have results of what SMP is. However there will be some redness for a couple of days, and I’ll provide an aftercare guide on how to maintain the scalp. I assure you, you will look great!

How long will my scalp micropigmentation last?
SMP lasts a lifetime with proper care, however, there are maintenance required such as touch ups to maintain the dark pigment color. Touch ups depend on client to client basis but on average we should touch base every 3 to 6 years to schedule a followup.

Is there a guarantee?
Yes, I offer a 12 month guarantee from the first treatment. I want to guarantee that all of my clients are satisfied with SMP since it is your look. In case it happens where the treatment doesn’t look natural or out of place, simply contact me, and we will schedule an additional session at no cost to mend the problem.

How long is each session spread apart?
Typically, here’s the preferred schedule:
1: The client comes in for a free consultation.
2: If satisfied with the consultation, we schedule the first session, which is typically the longest and  you can expect about a 2-5 hour session depending on the complexity of the treatment and what needs to be done.
3: The second session happens about a week after the first and that is about 2-4 hours where the hairline is touched up to give it a natural look and coloring needed to provide a more dense look and blend.
4: The third session is about three to five weeks after the second treatment and this is where we see how your body reacted to SMP. This is where we understand what line up looks natural on you and perfect the shading to ensure the color looks non aggressive. Typically this will last about 1-3 hours.
Any additional sessions will be similar to session three where coloring and density adding will be made.

How big on the needles?
The needles I use are a single use, sterile, 3 point micro, 3 inch steel needle, and health and safety are my top priority.

How often do I need to shave my head?
Typically to maintain the “buzzed cut” look, we suggest our clients to shave every 2-3 days to have that optimal look. If your hair grows too long then it won’t maintain that natural look and won’t look seamless.

What if I’m still experiencing on-going hair loss but want the treatment right away?
No worries! I provide treatments that add density to the scalp and ensure all noticeability of hair loss is taken away while blending pigments in certain areas where we suspect hair loss will happen.

Is SMP removable?
Yes the SMP process can be reversed with an electro-optic Q switch laser. The process consists of a laser using heat to break down the pigmentation and causing absorption by the phagocytes in the upper dermis of the scalp. Since SMP is less intense than a normal tattoo, in terms of depth of application, electro-optic laser generally gets the job done. Over the course of my career though, less than 1% of clients wished for a total reversal of SMP.

What is a cost of a touch-up session? 
After 3-5 years is when you might notice that the color starts to fade away from the dark shading, we recommend a touch up that will give it that natural dark look you had after your latest session. It’s a flat fee of $800 which will take about an hour to two hours max.

What if I want to maintain a clean shaven look with SMP but have not lost a lot of hair?
I will create a look that is fitted to the hair you have. During the consultation and reviewing photos, we will have better advice on what needs to be done to your hair and what length to keep it to achieve a natural look.

What is the aftercare procedure?
During in the consultation I’ll inform you of specific after care procedures and exactly what to expect but generally you should plan on not getting your head wet, touching it or sweating from physical activity for 4-5 days.

Do you offer payment plans?
Yes, I have different financing options in place that we can discuss.


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